L.Y.F.E. (Lose Your Faith in Everything)

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Album: Larval Emoti (2007)

Song: Odds Are

Bitrate: 128kbps

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The Story of L.Y.F.E. has been a long one.
Formed nearly 6 years ago by the then 13 year old Mark Scoville and Drake Arnold, L.Y.F.E. begin as a reason to get together and jam old Sepultura songs.Then slowly became a way to satisfy the overwhelming urge to make Brutal yet Progressive metal.Over the years our line up has changed (bassist Jared from Cut Throat/Gradius replaced original bassist Nick P. in late 2004) but our mission hasn't.Playing over 100 shows since we were 13, we've had our share of triumphs and defeats.But we will not stop.Creating music that no one can compare to anyone else is our love.Originality, my friends, is our mission.Love or Hate it.Its too loud to ignore.